Floating the Meramec

Al, I’m just thrilled we got to take our first float trip on the Meramec last weekend!

Of course, it was so hot your tube deflated immediately.  We’ll have to get that fixed so we can float somewhere again soon.

But the water was nice and cold.  So refreshing!  I stayed cool as a cucumber all afternoon.  Too bad you can’t swim so well honey muffin.  We’ll go to the Huzzah River next time – it’s a little shallower so you won’t be flopping around so much.  Maybe we could even do some horseyback riding!

Say, Al, do you s’pose these tubes are white-water worthy?  I was thinking we ought to go to the Arkansas River…you know they say that’s the world’s most popular white water rafting?  It’s family friendly, so I’m sure you’d make it just fine there dearie.

Why do you keep asking me ‘what’ Al?  Oh you still have some water in your ear from our float trip and can’t hear so well?  Well come over here and I’ll shake it out of your skin for you.

Al…Al…why are you backing away from me?

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