We Have Arrived!

AL!!!! Al!!!! Aaaaaaaallllllll! Al. Al….are you there Al?  Where are you for heaven’s sake?!?

Here it is, the big day, and you can’t be found.  What am I gonna do with you?!!

Well, no reason not to bask in the glow of our wine, with or without you. Grapes of Raft has arrived….and arrived in style if I might add!

What a gas!  Al, you’d love it if you were here.  I know we’ll be drinking this on all our travels.  You know, this’ll be perfect for parties with all our grape-est friends too since there is two regular bottles in one convenient bag!

Oh and look at that handle!  Easy to carry… if we had fingers that is.  Plus the bag is recyclable and so light that shipping is much cheaper than those heavy glass bottles.  We can even strap a bunch together and make our very own Grapes of Raft raft!  OH! Brilliant!

Al! Aaaaalllllll!  Sheesh where are you?!  I need someone to inflate and tie these together to make our own raft.

Al?  Al? Oh there you are Al.  You look pruned up…is this heat turning you into a raisin?  All the more reason to get this raft together….the river will cool you right down and plump you back up to normal.  Come on pops; let’s drink this bag and get raftin’!

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