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We’re in Vox Magazine Al!!!

Al!  Aren’t you recovered from our Meramec float trip yet? Well, since you’re still recuperating, you’ll need some reading material.  Here’s a lovely article from Vox Magazine all about our pouches.  Reading is right up your vine row Al, so … Continue reading

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Floating the Meramec

Al, I’m just thrilled we got to take our first float trip on the Meramec last weekend! Of course, it was so hot your tube deflated immediately.  We’ll have to get that fixed so we can float somewhere again soon. … Continue reading

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We Have Arrived!

AL!!!! Al!!!! Aaaaaaaallllllll! Al. Al….are you there Al?  Where are you for heaven’s sake?!? Here it is, the big day, and you can’t be found.  What am I gonna do with you?!! Well, no reason not to bask in the … Continue reading

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Oh Al! I’m so excited!!

Our bags are here and all labeled already!  I know you worked your grapey fingers to the seed getting those labels on for me.  Your so sweet! So when do we fill these up and take our float trip? -Rosie … Continue reading

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