We’re in Vox Magazine Al!!!

Al!  Aren’t you recovered from our Meramec float trip yet?

Well, since you’re still recuperating, you’ll need some reading material.  Here’s a lovely article from Vox Magazine all about our pouches.  Reading is right up your vine row Al, so I know you’ll enjoy the article.  Plus it’s on the web so you won’t get any nasty papercuts.

And by the way, we are still going floating on the Huzzah soon….don’t think you’re getting out of that trip!  The Huzzah is just as lovely in the fall….and you’ll like it much more since you won’t raisin up like last time in all that heat.

Al….Al….why are you moaning like that?

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Floating the Meramec

Al, I’m just thrilled we got to take our first float trip on the Meramec last weekend!

Of course, it was so hot your tube deflated immediately.  We’ll have to get that fixed so we can float somewhere again soon.

But the water was nice and cold.  So refreshing!  I stayed cool as a cucumber all afternoon.  Too bad you can’t swim so well honey muffin.  We’ll go to the Huzzah River next time – it’s a little shallower so you won’t be flopping around so much.  Maybe we could even do some horseyback riding!

Say, Al, do you s’pose these tubes are white-water worthy?  I was thinking we ought to go to the Arkansas River…you know they say that’s the world’s most popular white water rafting?  It’s family friendly, so I’m sure you’d make it just fine there dearie.

Why do you keep asking me ‘what’ Al?  Oh you still have some water in your ear from our float trip and can’t hear so well?  Well come over here and I’ll shake it out of your skin for you.

Al…Al…why are you backing away from me?

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We Have Arrived!

AL!!!! Al!!!! Aaaaaaaallllllll! Al. Al….are you there Al?  Where are you for heaven’s sake?!?

Here it is, the big day, and you can’t be found.  What am I gonna do with you?!!

Well, no reason not to bask in the glow of our wine, with or without you. Grapes of Raft has arrived….and arrived in style if I might add!

What a gas!  Al, you’d love it if you were here.  I know we’ll be drinking this on all our travels.  You know, this’ll be perfect for parties with all our grape-est friends too since there is two regular bottles in one convenient bag!

Oh and look at that handle!  Easy to carry… if we had fingers that is.  Plus the bag is recyclable and so light that shipping is much cheaper than those heavy glass bottles.  We can even strap a bunch together and make our very own Grapes of Raft raft!  OH! Brilliant!

Al! Aaaaalllllll!  Sheesh where are you?!  I need someone to inflate and tie these together to make our own raft.

Al?  Al? Oh there you are Al.  You look pruned up…is this heat turning you into a raisin?  All the more reason to get this raft together….the river will cool you right down and plump you back up to normal.  Come on pops; let’s drink this bag and get raftin’!

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Oh Al! I’m so excited!!

Our bags are here and all labeled already!  I know you worked your grapey fingers to the seed getting those labels on for me.  Your so sweet!

So when do we fill these up and take our float trip?


P.S. – Don’t be silly – when do I ever correct your grammar?  You just need to wine down for a bit dearie.

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Testing, 1, 2, 3; Testing.

Just making sure this all works ok.  I’m sure Rosie will be along before too long and add something interesting or funny or something that others will like.  Nobody ever really likes the stuff that I post, especially Rosie.  She’ll find some way of correcting my grammer or spelling or something!

Anyways, more to come.


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